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A uniform increase or decrease in the size or diameter of a workpiece.
tapping -
The process of cutting screw threads in a round hole with a tap (an internal thread cutting tool).
T-bolt -
Term for the bolts inserted in the T-slots of a worktable to fasten the workpiece or work-holding device to the table.
tempering -
A heat-treating process to relieve the stresses produced when hardening and to impart certain qualities', such as toughness-,
sometimes called "drawing."
template -
A pattern or a guide for laying out or machining to a specific shape or form.
tensile strength -
The property of a metal which resists force applied to pull it apart.
thread -
A helical projection of uniform section on the internal or external surface of cylinder or cone. Also, the operation of cutting a
screw thread.
throw -
The crankpin on a crankshaft. Also, the length of the radius of a crank, an eccentric, or a cam.
tool steel -
A general classification for high-carbon steel that can be heat treated to a hardness required for metal cutting tools such as
punches, dies. drills. taps', reamers, and so forth.
truing -
The act of centering or aligning a workpiece or cutting tool so that an operation may be performed accurately. Also,
correcting the eccentricity or out of round condition when dressing a grinding wheel.
T-slot -
The slots made in the tables of machine tools for the square-head bolts used to clamp the workpiece,, attachments, or work-
holding fixtures in position for performing the machining operations.
two-lip end mill -
An end milling cutter designed with teeth that cut to the center so that it may be used to feed into the work like a drill.
Ways -
The flat or V-shaped bearing surfaces on a machining tool that guide and align the parts which they support.
wheel dresser -
A tool or device for dressing or truing a grinding wheel.