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An attachment which operates with a reciprocating motion. Used for machining internal slots and surfaces.
soft hammer -
A hammer made of brass, copper, lead'. or plastic to a, non-marring finished surfaces on machines or workpieces.
spindle -
A rotating device widely used in machine tools. such as lathes., milling machines, drill presses, and so forth, to hold the
cutting tools or the work, and to give them their rotation.
spindle speed -
The RPM at which a machine is set. See cutting speed.
square, solid (toolmaker's tri square) -
A very accurate try square in which a . steel blade is set firmly into a solid, rectangular-shaped handle so that each edge of
the blade makes an angle of exactly 90" with the inner face (side) of the handle.
steady rest -
A support that is clamped to the bed of a lathe used when machining a long workpiece. Sometimes called a center rest.
step block -
A fixture designed like a series step to provide support at various heights required for setups.
stock -
A term for the materials used to make parts in a machine tool. Also, the die stock used for threading dies.
surface grinding -
The process of grinding flat surfaces on a surface grinding machine. With special setups, angular and form surfaces may also
be ground.
swing -
The dimension of a lathe determined by the maximum diameter of the work that can be rotated over the ways of the bed.
tailstock -
That part of a machine tool. such as a lathe or cylindrical grinder which supports the end of a workpiece with a center. It may
be positioned at any point along the way of the bed, and may be offset from center to machine tapers.
tang -
The flat on the shank of a cutting tool, such as a drill, reamer or end mill, that fits a slot in -the spindle of a machine to keep
the tool from slipping. Also, the part of a file that fits into a handle.
tap -
A tool used to cut threads on the inside of a round hole.
taper -