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The looseness of fit (slack) between two pieces press fit-See force fit.
punch, prick -
A solid punch with a sharp point, used to mark centers or other locations on metal.
quench -
To rapidly cool heated metal in water, oil brine, or air in the process of heat treating.
radial -
In a direction directly outward from the center of a circle or sphere or from the axis of a cylinder. The spokes of a wheel, for
example, are radial.
ram -
That part of a shaper which moves back and forth and carries the tool head assembly.
running fit -
A class of fit intended for use on machinery with moderate speeds, where accurate location and minimum play are desired.
scraper -
A hardened steel hand tool used to scrape surfaces very smooth by removing minute amounts of metal.
scribe (scribe; scratch awl) -
A steel rod 8 to 12 inches long and about 3/16 inches in diameter. It has a long, slender, hardened steel point on one or both
set screw -
A plain screw used principally for locking adjustable parts in position.
setup -
The preparation of a machine tool to complete a specific operation. It includes mounting the workpiece and necessary tools
and fixtures, and selecting the proper speeds. feeds, depth of cut and coolants.
shims -
Very thin sheets of metal made in precise thickness and used between parts to obtain desired fits. Sometimes they are
laminated, to be pulled off to the desired depth.
shoulder -
A term for the step made between two machined surfaces.
slitting saw -
A narrow milling cutter designed for cutoff operations or for cutting narrow slots.
slotter -