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Machining a surface to give it the desired finish.
machinist -
A person who is skilled in the operation of machine tools. He must be able to plan his own procedures and have a knowledge
of heat-treating principles.
mild steel -
A term used for low-carbon machine steel.
mill -
A milling machine; also, the act of performing an operation on the milling machine.
milling, climb -
See climb milling. milling, face-See face milling.
Morse taper -
A self-holding standard taper largely used on small cutting tools such as drills, end mills, and reamers, and, on some
machines, spindles in which these tools are used.
normalizing -
Process of heating a ferrous metal or alloy to above its critical temperature and cooling in still air to room temperature to
relieve Internal stresses.
off center -
Not centered; offset, eccentric, or inaccurate.
oil hardening -
The process of quenching in oil when heat treating alloy steel to bring out certain qualities.
overarm -
The support for the end of a milling cutter which is on the opposite side of the cutter from the spindle and column.
parting -
The operation of cutting off a piece from a part held in the chuck of a lathe.
peen -
To draw, bend. or flatten, also, the formed side of a hammer opposite the face.
pilot hole -
A starting hole for large drills to serve as a guide, reduce the resistance, and aid in maintaining the accuracy of the larger
hole. Also called a lead hole.
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