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jig -
A production work holding device that locates the workpiece and guides the cutting tool (see fixture).
key -
One of the several types of small metal objects designed to fit mating slots in a shaft and the hub of a gear or pulley to
provide a positive drive between them: also. the name of the T-handle wrench used on chucks.
key seat -
A recessed groove (slot) machined into a shaft or a part going on the shaft (usually a wheel or gear).
knee -
That part of a column of a knee-type milling machine which carries the saddle and the table and provides the machine with
vertical feed adjustments.
knurl -
A decorative gripping surface of straight-line or diagonal design made by uniformly serrated rolls called knurls.
knurling -
The process of finishing a part by scoring (pressing) patterns on the surface of the work.
lap -
A tool made of soft metal and charged With fine abrasives for precision finishing of metal surfaces. Also, to perform the
operation using a lap
lard oil -
A cutting oil made from animal fats usually mixed with mineral oils to reduce its cost and improve its qualities.
layout -
To locate and scribe on blank stock the shape and size dimensions required to machine or form the part.
lead screw -
The long, precision screw located in front of the lathe bed geared to the spindle, and used for cutting threads. Also, the table
screw on the universal milling machine when geared to the indexing head for helical milling.
lip of a drill -
The sharp cutting edge on the end of a twist drill.
live center -
See center, live.
machine tool -
A power-driven machine designed to bore, cut, drill, or grind metal or other materials.
machining, Finish -