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headstock -
The fixed or stationary end of a lathe or similar machine tool.
heat treatment -
The process of heating and cooling a solid metal or alloy to obtain certain desired properties or characteristics.
hex -
A term used for anything shaped like a hexagon.
high-speed steel -
An alloy steel commonly used for cutting tools because of its ability to remove metal at a much faster rate than carbon steel
hole saw -
A cutting tool used to cut a circular groove into solid material.
honing -
The process of finishing ground surfaces to a high degree of accuracy and smoothness with abrasive blocks applied to the
surface under a light controlled pressure. and with a combination of rotary and reciprocating motions.
hot-rolled steel -
Steel which is rolled to finished size. while hot. Identified by a dark oxide scale left on the surface.
idler -
A gear or gears placed between two other gears to transfer motion from one gear to the other gear without changing their
speed or ratio.
independent chuck -
A chuck in which each jaw may be moved independently of the others.
indexing -
The process of positioning a workpiece for machining it into equal spaces. dimensions. or angles using an. index or dividing
indicator -
A precision instrument which shows variations of thousandths of an inch or less when testing the trueness or alignment of a
workpiece, fixture, or machine.
jack, leveling -
Small jacks (usually screw jacks) for leveling and holding work on planner beds and similar places.
Jacobs chuck -
Common term for the drill chuck used in either the headstock spindle or in the tailstock for holding straight-shank drills,
taps, reamers, or small diameter workpieces.