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larger size machine spindle.
drill socket -
An adapter similar to a sleeve except that it is made to adapt a larger tapered-shank tool to a smaller size spindle.
drill, twist -
A commonly used metal-cutting drill, usually made with two flutes running around the body.
drive fit -
One of several classes of fits in which parts are assembled by pressing or forcing one part into another.
ductility -
The property of a metal that permits it to be drawn. rolled, or hammered without fracturing or breaking.
face -
To machine a flat surface, as in the end of a shaft in the lathe. The operation is known as facing.
face milling -
Milling a large flat surface with a milling cutter that operates in a plane that is at right angles to its axis.
faceplate -
A large circular plate with slots and holes for mounting the workpiece to be machined. It is attached to the headstock of a
facing -
The process of making a flat or smooth surface (usually the end) on a piece of stock or material.
feed -
The rate of travel of a cutting tool across or into the work-, expressed in inches per minute or in inches per revolution.
feed mechanism -
The mechanism, often automatic. which controls the advancing movement (feed) of the cutting tools used in machines.
fit -
The relation between mating or matching parts, that is, the amount of, or lack of. play between them.
fixture -
A production work-holding device used for machining duplicate workpieces. Although the term is used interchangeably with
a jig, a fixture is not designed to guide the cutting tools as the jig does.
flange -
A relatively thin rim around a part.
flute -