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die -
A tool used to form or stamp out metal parts', also, a tool used to cut external threads.
die stock -
The frame and two handles (bars) which hold the dies (chasers) used for cutting (chasing) external screw threads.
A clamping device (lathe dog) used to drive work being machined between centers. Also, a part projecting on the side of a machine
worktable to trip the automatic feed mechanism off or to reverse the travel.
dovetail -
A two-part slide bearing assembly used in machine tool construction for the precise alignment and smooth operation of the
movable components of the machine.
dowel -
A pin fitted or keyed in two adjacent parts to accurately align the parts when assembling them.
down feed (climb cutting, climb milling) -
A seldom used method of feeding work into milling cutters. The work is fed in the same direction as the portion of the cutter
which comes in contact with it.
drill -
A pointed tool that is rotated to cut holes in material.
drill, center -
A combination drill and countersink-
drill chuck -
A device used to grip drills and attach them to a rotating spindle.
drill, twist -
A commonly used metal-cutting drill, usually made with two flutes running around the body.
drill jig -
A jig which holds parts or units of a structure and. by means of bushings, guides the drill so that the holes are properly
drill press -
An upright power-driven machine for drilling holes in metal, wood, or other material.
drill rod -
A high-carbon steel rod accurately ground to size with a smooth finish. It is available in many sizes and is used extensively
in tool making.
drill sleeve -
An adapter with an internal and external taper which fits tapered shank tools such as drills or reamers to adapt them to a