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How can the MultiMachine do all these things?
In almost every kind of machining operation, either the work piece or the cutting tool turns. If
enough flexibility is built into the parts of a machine tool involved in these functions, the
resulting machine can do almost every kind of machining operation that will physically fit on it.
You may have heard of 3-in-1 machine tools -- basically a combination of lathe, mill and drill
press. The MultiMachine starts there but adds many other functions. It can be a 10- in-1 (or even
more!) machine tool that is built by using vehicle engine blocks in a LEGO-like fashion.
It can be built as a one-engine block machine with a plate and
angle iron vertical slide.
Or as a two-block version with an engine-
block-based vertical slide.
Or as a two-block-lathe-only version. (See the fixed lathe bed version below.)
This is a three-block version with a fixed,
long lathe bed and a rear-mounted vertical
slide. Great if you have limited space! This
version is similar to a Kitchen and Wade
multipurpose machine (below) that was used
aboard ships for many years -- a far more
useful design for a machine tool than the
common 3-in-1 machine.