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A part made by pouring molten metal into a mold.
center, dead -
A center that does not rotate; commonly found on the tailstock of a lathe. Also, an _expression for the exact center of an
center drill -
A combined countersink and drill used to prepare work for mounting centers.
center, live -
A center that revolves with the work. Generally. this is the headstock center; however, the ball bearing type tailstock center
is also called a live center.
center punch -
A pointed hand tool made of hardened steel and shaped somewhat like a pencil.
chamfer -
The bevel or angular surface cut on the edge or a corner of a machined part.
chasing threads -
Cutting threads in a lathe or screw machine.
chatter -
The vibrations caused between the work and the cutting tool which leave distinctive tool marks on the finished surface that
are objectionable.
chip breaker -
A small groove ground back of the cutting edge on the top of a cutting tool to keep the chips short.
chipping -
The process of cutting metal with a cold chisel and hammer.
chisel -
Any one of a variety of small hand cutting tools, generally wedge-shaped.
chuck -
A device on a machine tool to hold the workpiece or a cutting tool.
chuck, independent jaw -
A chuck, each of whose jaws (usually four) is adjusted with a screw action independently of the other jaws.
chuck, universal (self-centering chuck, concentric chuck) -
A chuck whose jaws are so arranged that they are all moved together at the same rate by a special wrench.