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(7) The tool holder can be a simple steel or aluminum cube
with a boring bar hole in one side and a square notch cut in
the other. If you have studied cutting tool shapes, you
probably think of plenty of cutting tool holders that you can
build with just a hacksaw and file.
The big "free" MultiMachine
The non-roller bearing "free" machine may be
much larger than the MultiMachine that has just
been described. It will probably use removable
cylinders (picture on right) that will eliminate
the need for machining in the engine and regular
machine shops. These cylinders (wet sleeves)
are usually found in large truck, industrial and
military engines.
These cylinders can have aluminum alloy liners
cast into them and then machined to the right
size with the temporary lathe. Sounds like a big
job? Sure, but you can make a machine can
have the capacity of a machine tool that would
cost over a hundred thousand dollars in the USA and several times that elsewhere.