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Step 13, The vertical slide turntable and cross slide
Bigger is better so try for a two foot square table.
The removable machine table top can be a wonderful tool itself. Unlike a store bought tool, you
can (with good conscience!) drill and mount holding fixtures and adapters for the cross feed
table. When it looks like a swiss cheese, just call it "versatile".
When you mount the top plate to the vertical slide block you probably need to use both transfer
punches and transfer screws to properly mark all of the holes.
Be sure that there is a 3/4" hole in the center of the plate that will let you turn a
commercial cross slide 360 degrees. A "Romig" bed and cross slide will probably be too long
to turn. Drill at least two more holes for alternate slide positions. I chose one that was even with
the first hole and 6" toward the left as you face the machine and also one closer to the chuck so
that the tool post would be close to the center of the cross slide for heavy cuts. Don't forget
clearance room for the nuts. Be certain that a cutting tool can cut from the center of the spindle to
the edge of the largest faceplate that you are going to
This is the smallest of the common commercially
available cross slide tables. $70 in the US but might
be many times that much in other countries
If you use a "store bought" cross slide then
mount it on a turntable. The turntable can
serve as a lathe compound. If you make the
turntable 11.46 inches in diameter then a
36" length of 1/4" tape measure will give
you 360 degree graduations at one and a
quarter degrees each! Be sure to check for
clearance for bottom cross feed knob.
You may have to add a spacer for