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Step 11, Mounting the big plate
Mounting the plate to the face of the big block is simple
but requires great care. Turn the block so that it is in its
normal vertical position and line up the holes carefully,
don't cross thread!
Don't drop on foot! Your plate could weigh over 120
If you use a short plate or need additional reinforcement
then put a long coupling nut on the center screws, attach
pieces of all thread and add the reinforcing plate on the
main bearing pads at the rear of the block.
Step 12, The vertical slide
Use almost any short and heavy engine block as the core of the vertical slide.
Mark and drill the 1/2" x 12" plate the same way as the plate for the large block. I used an old
head gasket to mark the holes. Again...remember that many tapped holes for the clamp
mechanism needed to be added to both plates. Think ahead!
The "first" vertical slide clamp
This clamp actually worked well when
I used a worn hacksaw blade as a "gib".