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You may also use the #1 cylinder for the spindle if you don't need your machine to be a
horizontal mill that would normally use this cylinder for the overarm. eBay makes horizontal
mills extremely useful because of the cutters often being available at 95% discount. Even if you
don't have access to cheap cutters, a homemade fly cutter is much easier to make than a
homemade end mill.
If the block is mounted on a concrete
pedestal, the plate could even go down into
a pit and then the top of the vertical slide
could be as low as floor level.
This photograph shows how I did it on my
engine stand version. I used a piece of 1/2"
x 12" for the baseplate and found that it was
useful for suppressing vibration.
A close fit here will also suppress
vibration. You also should use a heavier
thickness of angle iron than I did. When in
doubt about which metal thickness to use, always select the heaviest plate or angle that is
Countersink the holes and use flat
head cap screws in the angle iron.
Regular hex head bolts always
seem to get in the way here.