background image
An earlier picture showed the whole finished
motor mount made with slotted bed rails.
Slotted bed rail pieces can work well work well
only if they are welded to heavy angle iron. This
pipe handle was added for more than ease of
speed changing, it really cut down on twisting
of the assembly under load. All the pulley
brackets should have these pipe handles for
this reason! Don't forget that the motor
electrical connection box can get in the way if
plenty of room is not left for it.
Again, it would be best if the pulleys were mounted inboard the mounting rails if possible.
Be sure to lay everything out first so you can be sure the motor and pulley assemblies all fit
properly. Work carefully here and you will get a quiet, powerful machine that is less likely to
The intermediate pulley bracket.
This is what I call the final drive bracket. It
should be made out of one foot long heavy
angle iron and as wide as possible. Add a
pipe handle at the top to make it more rigid
and easier to adjust. I reinforced this one
several times and it still twisted.
Here is the final drive adjuster. Pretty crude but like I said before, I am an inventor not a