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Look around you. Almost every manufactured product that is made of metal is a
combination of parts that have been machined (castings, screws and bolts) and sheet, bar
and tubular metal that has been welded, bent, rolled or spun into a needed shape. The
essentialy free MultiMachine and the tools it can produce can do all this.
A group of specialized MultiMachines can do much more. The MultiMachine can be easily
built in dozens of special versions that are specially built to do just a single type of metal
working job. If these special machines were grouped together and driven from a common
power source, they could be used in a form of Developing World mass production. Most of
these machine versions could be built with just one or two broken vehicle engines, a piece
of pipe, a few feet of steel bar, a sack of cement and a few easily made zinc/aluminum
I am certain that MultiMachine newsgroup members will help adapt our designs to the
types and sizes of material available in any community.
Special thanks to George Ewen of "Engine Mill" fame, Jeff Hansen, Kevin
Olson and to my craftsman friend, Frank Patterson.
And a very special thanks to my wife, Clarissa, who put up with me during the
four years this project took.