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You can easily see that a really large pipe spindle
thrust bearing is just not going to fit on the main
bearing pads even with some kind of adapter.
Incidentally the one shown here should have the
ends marked with tape cut off. One alternative
would be to not mount the bearing on the main
bearing pad at all but instead use a large adapter
plate that would mount on the flange that the oil
pan normally attaches to. Bigger bolts would
probably be needed and there may not be room
for them however. The best (and by far cheapest!)
way would be to cast a simple bearing/bushing
out of ZA-12.
The cast bushing could be a simple bushing with a flange that would bolt to the main bearing
pads. You could use two of our clamp type collars (adjusters) on the spindle. Bronze rings should
be used between the ZA-12 parts but there is probably no rush for this if you are careful to keep
every thing well oiled.
Two important points about this thrust bushing.
Before the thrust bearing is installed, install the
pulley and run the spindle with very little belt tension
for a few hours as you adjust the bearing adjuster. Let
everything wear in until the spindle turns freely and
yet has no measurable play shown on a dial indicator.
Fit the bushing then and mark the flange bolt holes
with transfer screws. Drill the flange bolt holes with
no clearance for the mounting bolts and bolt the
flange up evenly. This will insure that all three
bearings are in alignment.