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Grind away anything that is going to get
in the way of the overarm and the spindle
since they need to pass all the way
through the block. No grinder? Use a
smaller chisel to to make small notches
along a line that marks what you want to
remove and then use a bigger chisel to
chip away the excess up to that line.
I have already mentioned the different
kinds of bearings that can be used in the
cylinder bore, There are lots of choices
for thrust bearing also. The block
modifications are about the same for
whatever bearing you choose. Be certain
to check for clearance so that the spindle assembly can be inserted from the rear. Also check
for clearance around the main bearing bolt holes so that the thrust bearing can be bolted to the
main bearing pads.
A round flange type bearing that can fit into the main
bearing pads works with spindles up to about 1 15/16" in
diameter. In the USA, Surplus Center often has these for
about $20. Special note....Import flange bearings seem
to be of very uneven quality. I originally used a
LinkBelt flange bearing on the front end of the
spindle (as shown in some of the pictures) but quit
when the next one I bought was too loose to use. If
you buy one for the pulley end of the spindle, be sure
to check it out before you install it. Premium USA
made flange bearings may be far too expensive to use.
This was what was cut away for the round
Linkbelt bearing.