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Drill at the circled position, weld on a 3/8" nut for a clamp
bolt so that the crane won't swing under load.
If you have to work in a spot with a low ceiling, the top support
should be removable. I found out this when the crane was in the
way of something I was trying to do. I tried to use the crane to hold
up the block, power unit and vertical slide plate. Big mistake! the
crane tried to swing the load behind the engine stand, knocked me
through a big window.
Add 1" jack screws at each corner or take the wheels off and back it up against a wall if you are
going to try something with the slightest risk!
The original mounting plate was notched with a grinder
and lined up perfectly with the main bearing bolt holes.
Step 7, Modifying the block
Boring the block to fit the overarm and the spindle was the first step in block modifications.
Grinding extraneous bits off is next.
First, one important point, grinding cast iron is not a clean process, try to do it outside if possible.
Also, be very careful with safety here, I had iron particles bounce off my face and get under both
a face shield and safety glasses and then ended up in my eyes. Have lots of filtered water or
eyewash easily available. I have used quarts of "eye wash" that was just filtered water from my
refrigerator on this project