background image
The completed engine stand
It bolts to the engine main bearing pads
instead of the end bell.
The vertical post should be cut at the point
where it connects to the horizontal frame and
re-welded so that it will be in a truly vertical
The post has had 3 diagonal braces added. 1"
pipe would be best here.
the front brace must stick out no more than the
normal height of the block or it will interfere with the big plate that bolts to the front of the
It's had a "crane" added.
Don't mount your "crane" like this!
The 1 1/4 pipe base of the 1" crane
pipe should really be mounted as low
as possible on the square tube that the
wheels are attached to. The bottom
crane support should allow the base
of the crane to rest on he floor. The
mount should also stick out at least 1
1/2 " more than is shown in this