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(4) The overarm module may not
even be needed by some people but
others may see it as the heart of an
entire tooling system. Because it is
important that the overarm always stay
in alignment, the #1 cylinder is re-
bored to fit your overarm pipe at the
same time the #3 cylinder is re-bored
for the spindle.
(5) The spindle module is the heart of the machine. No machine tool can do a proper job with
an inaccurate spindle. Because the bearings actually run in the professionally bored cylinder
bore of the engine block and the spindle is finish-machined on the MultiMachine itself,
accuracy is achievable even by a novice machinist. (To be treated in much more detail later)
Accuracy, money, tools and skills
Your machine's accuracy is determined by the care you put into building it. There's no one
checking your mistakes but you. Compounding a few barely-good-enough fits could make you
end up with a machine that chatters too much to use. The chattering may be so severe that you
can't even discover what causes it.
Safety also depends on you. ALWAYS use protective guards on your machine. I can't stress it
enough. Also...the MultiMachine is taller than it is wide, is very heavy, and is prone to fall over!
Mine fell on me once and now I have a new, titanium knee! I liked the old one better.